Influence of Flyash on expansive Soils

V. Samidurai
Infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, water reservoirs, reclamation etc. requires earth material in very large quantity. In urban areas, borrow earth is not easily available which has to be Hauled from a long distance. Quite often, large areas are covered with highly plastic and expansive Soil, which is not suitable for such purpose. For this purpose the application of such expansive soil after Stabilization with additives such as sand, silt, lime, and fly ash is used. As fly ash
more » ... s used. As fly ash is freely available, for Projects in the vicinity of a Thermal Power Plants, it can be used for stabilization of soils. In this project the Percentage of fly ash is varied from 5 to 30 percent. The study from the laboratory test it concludes that with percentage addition of fly ash improves the strength of stabilized clay soil. The compressive strength of soil is increased by addition of fly ash content up to 1.600kpa. i.e., when the fly ash is increased (10 to 30) % the strength of soil mix improved by 11%.The maximum shear stress of soil is improved by the addition of fly ash at 1.044KN/m 2 (i.e., a 15% increase in shear stress)
doi:10.18535/ijetst/v4i3.03 fatcat:a264q7nqlvg43oa2sens7iawka