Cu-Catalyzed, Mn-Mediated Propargylation and Allenylation of Aldehydes with Propargyl Bromides [post]

Rongli Zhang, Yanping Xia, Yuchen Yan, Lu Ouyang
2021 unpublished
A simple, practical, and high chemo-selective method for the synthesis of propargyl alcohol and allenyl alcohols via Cu-catalyzed, Mn-mediated propargylation and allenylation of aldehydes with propargyl bromides has been established. When 3-bromo-1-propyne was conducted under the standard condition, the aldehydes were transformed to the corresponding propargylation products completely, while when 1-bromo-2-pentyne was used, allenic alcohol was the only product. Variety of homopropargyl alcohols
more » ... and allenyl alcohols were obtained in high yields and the reaction is compatible with broad substrate scopes. In addition, the large-scale reaction could also be proceeded smoothly indicating the potential synthetic applications of this transformation.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:bpcp5n7g4vgrpaxi2swa5zuttm