Characterization of Anthocyanins in Perilla frutescens var. acuta Extract by Advanced UPLC-ESI-IT-TOF-MSn Method and Their Anticancer Bioactivity

Yan-Kang He, You-Yuan Yao, Ya-Ning Chang
2015 Molecules  
The anthocyanin extract from a domestic Perilla cultivar (Perilla frutescens var. acuta) were isolated and characterized with high mass accuracy and multi-dimensional fragmentation by means of ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) and electrospray ionization-ion trap-time of flight mass spectrometry analysis (ESI-IT-TOF-MS n ). The new developed and applied LC-MS method focused on in-depth screening of anthocyanin compounds with similar structures which also provided a new approach of
more » ... a new approach of anthocyanin characterization without the use of external standards. Selective detection of interested anthocyanins was achieved utilizing extracted ion chromatogram (EIC) analysis, while MS n spectra were recorded to allow identification of the anthocyanin based on characteristic fragmentation patterns. Seven anthocyanins including one feruloyl (Cyanidin 3-Oferuloylglucoside-5-O-glucoside), two caffeoyl (Cyanidin 3-O-caffeoylglucoside-5-Oglucoside, Cyanidin 3-O-caffeoylglucoside-5-O-malonylglucoside) and four coumaroyl substituted anthocyanins (Cis-shisonin, Malonyl-cis-shisonin, Shisonin, and Malonyl-shisonin) were identified. Annexin-V FITC/PI flow cytometric assay was performed to analyze the influence of anthocyanin extract of P. frutescens var. acuta on cell apoptosis. The results suggested that Perilla anthocyanins can induce Hela cell apoptosis by a dose dependent manner. OPEN ACCESS Molecules 2015, 20 9156
doi:10.3390/molecules20059155 pmid:25996217 fatcat:fkwf6b63kfboxl2m2hh45bqdey