Impedance of a monopole antenna with a radial-wire ground system on an imperfectly conducting half space, part I

S.W. Maley, R.J King
1962 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section D Radio Propagation  
The effecti ve ness of a rad ia l wire ground system as an approx imat ion to a r a di a l conduct ing di sk grou nd system for a vertical monopo le a nten na over a n imperfectly co nducting ground is investigated experim entall y by mea ns of impedance meas ure me nts. The resu lts were co mpar ed w ith t heoretical work by J . R . ·Wa it. The co mpa ri so n s hows t hat ' Va it's formula, for the eff ective surface imped a nce of a rad ia l wire ground syste m gives r esu lts wh ich agr ee
more » ... lts wh ich agr ee we ll with t he measurements.
doi:10.6028/jres.066d.021 fatcat:scoqrpivvvftnp53pegggnm54u