Malay Camphor In Arabic Text And Its Latest Trend Of Research

Rusni Muhammad
2020 unpublished
The Arabs have been known for their obsession to scenting items, being Malay camphor is among the exotics. Albeit the noble place the resin secured in ancient Arab community, it is constantly remembered by Malay world for embalming rites. This study attempts to identify the importance of the camphor in ancient Arabs and in tandem, the current concern the resin receives globally based on cutting-edge research. This study relies on textual analysis of classical books pertaining to camphor in
more » ... to camphor in Islamic scripture, as well as classical Arab texts. Furthermore, it conducts a bibliometric analysis of researches on the resin's providing plant, Dryobalanops aromatica, based on the archive of PubMed Central (PMC) from 2016 -2019. The analysis provides quantitative and qualitative assessments to study the latest trend of the research. This study finds that the ancient Arabs consumed Malay camphor for incense burning and funeral, and subsequently discovered medicinal properties in the resin. Notwithstanding, Arab states is currently absent in the distinguished discourse on Malay camphor presented by a total of 29 papers. Islamic countries are only represented by Malaysia which contributes a fracture of 6.9% in the discourse. China attains a significant presence as it contributes 65.5% of the total papers. Generally, the trend of research demonstrates concerns on medicinal potential unless 2 papers which direct their attention to sustainability for the vulnerable species. This paper suggests a timely devotion in a form of conservation for the plant, in the face of thriving curiosity on discovering its further properties.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.02.67 fatcat:2la3fs647ndp7gzbkavlef4wpm