Mitigation of incidental mortality of Australian sea lions in the west coast rock lobster fishery

R Campbell, D Holley, D Christianopolous, N Caputi, NG Gales
2008 Endangered Species Research  
In this paper we analyze the optimal management of a mixed fishery where the harvest is composed of a target and a bycatch species. In contrast to other studies, we have included the selectivity of the fishing gear as a control variable. The fishery is regulated by means of total allowable effort and with 2 different systems of total allowable catch (TAC): an aggregated and a disaggregated TAC. The main result obtained is that in an aggregated TAC program, the selectivity level and the decision
more » ... el and the decision to discard depend only upon the marginal profits of both species, but that in the case of a disaggregated program, other factors such as gear selectivity have to be taken into account. KEY WORDS: Mixed fisheries · Fishing gear selectivity · Bycatch · Harvest quotas Resale or republication not permitted without written consent of the publisher OPEN PEN ACCESS CCESS Contribution to the Theme Section 'Fisheries bycatch: problems and solutions'
doi:10.3354/esr00155 fatcat:ifv3bl4g5jggzew7dnkvbcxti4