The MOOC Revolution – massive open online courses: the answer to problems facing education or an experiment that could destroy centuries of tradition

Katharine Jewitt
2017 Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching  
Given the emerging nature of massive open online courses (MOOCs), this paper is a synthesis of critical reflections, commentaries and cautionary tales from a variety of perspectives, looking at the issues facing education and considering whether traditional teaching methods have outlived their usefulness.In times where educational institutions are facing financial cuts and student debt increases, some argue free university online courses will be the saviour of education, (Koller et al, 2013).
more » ... hers argue they could destroy centuries of tradition and threaten some of the world's greatest universities (Vardi 2012).This paper, builds on the research by examining some of the phenomenal changes to technology enhanced learning, being brought about by new technologies and business. It summarises some of the key discourses around MOOCs, which continue to generate heated debates and divide opinions about their credibility, value and importance. I argue that any form of technology that drives engaging and tailored education, precisely to the needs of the individuals, coupled with opening up education to those that cannot afford it, has to be a viable alternative and make traditional, academic institutions question their offerings and respond.
doi:10.21100/compass.v10i1.371 fatcat:x4ce63ho7fbhzpd7653vflxfae