Outage Probability and BER of the Ground to Train Communication Link of a Curved Track in Raining Turbulence with Pointing Errors

Y. Yang, Y. Zhang, L. Yu
2017 Radioengineering  
We model the outage probability and bit-error rate (BER) for an intensity-modulation/direct detection optical wireless communication (OWC) systems for the groundto-train of the curved track in rainy weather. By adopting the inverse Gaussian models of the raining turbulence, we derive the outage probability and average BER expression for the channel with pointing errors. The numerical analysis reveals that the rainfall can disrupt the stability and accuracy of the system, especially the
more » ... cially the rainstorm weather. The improving of the shockproof performance of the tracks and using long wavelength of the signal source will improve the communication performance of OWC links. The atmospheric turbulence has greater impact on the OWC link than the cover track length. The pointing errors caused by beam wander or train vibration are the dominant factors decreasing the performance of OWC link for the train along the curved track. We can choose the size of communication transmitting and receiving apertures to optimize the performance of the OWC link.
doi:10.13164/re.2017.0938 fatcat:k52l4swsqjaaljhsdlikqp35k4