A New Approach for the Determination of Benzocaine and Procaine in Pharmaceuticals by Single-Sweep Polarography

Serhij Plotycya, Oksana Strontsitska, Solomiya Pysarevska, Mykola Blazheyevskiy, Liliya Dubenska
2018 International Journal of Electrochemistry  
A new polarographic method for the determination of benzocaine and procaine based on the polarographic reduction of their chemically obtained oxidation products with potassium peroxymonosulfate is developed. Experimental conditions affecting quantitative yield of benzocaine and procaine oxidation products such as рH, oxidation time, reagents' concentration, and temperature are explored. It is shown that the reduction current changes in a linear fashion (R=0.999) with increasing concentration of
more » ... ng concentration of anesthetics over a concentration range of 1·10−6 - 5·10−5 mol L−1. The calculated limits of detection (LOD) for benzocaine and procaine are found to be 5.6·10−6 and 6·10−6 mol L−1, respectively. In the present study, quantitative polarographic determination of benzocaine in Farisil tablets and "Septolete Plus" lozenges and procaine in solution for injections is performed. The results of the analysis are in good agreement with the product specifications described in the quality certificates. The possibility of quantitative determination of benzocaine and procaine in pharmaceuticals is confirmed.
doi:10.1155/2018/1376231 fatcat:5exf7x6k6zhbvfaet6zrkmkxmi