Development of a Robust CNN Model for Capturing Microstructure-Property Linkages and Building Property Closures Supporting Material Design

Andrew Mann, Surya R. Kalidindi
2022 Frontiers in Materials  
Recent works have demonstrated the viability of convolutional neural networks (CNN) for capturing the highly non-linear microstructure-property linkages in high contrast composite material systems. In this work, we develop a new CNN architecture that utilizes a drastically reduced number of trainable parameters for building these linkages, compared to the benchmarks in current literature. This is accomplished by creating CNN architectures that completely avoid the use of fully connected layers,
more » ... while using the 2-point spatial correlations of the microstructure as the input to the CNN. In addition to increased robustness (because of the much smaller number of trainable parameters), the CNN models developed in this work facilitate the construction of property closures at very low computational cost. This is because it allows for easy exploration of the space of valid 2-point spatial correlations, which is known to be a convex hull. Consequently, one can generate new sets of valid 2-point spatial correlations from previously available valid sets of 2-point spatial correlations, simply as convex combinations. This work demonstrates the significant benefits of utilizing 2-point spatial correlations as the input to the CNN, in place of the voxelated discrete microstructures used in current benchmarks.
doi:10.3389/fmats.2022.851085 fatcat:hv2qbwcp2bdjfexo3vajtor2ye