The James Webb Space Telescope Mission

John C. Mather, Daniel J. Whalen, Volker Bromm, Naoki Yoshida
Here we present Spitzer 4.5 µm light curves of two intermediate polars (IPs) -DQ Her and EX Hya -obtained with Cycle 6 observations. Our initial evaluation of the light curves of DQ Her and EX Hya shows that these two IPs exhibit similar behavior as that seen in non-magnetic systems (specifically WZ Sge). The binary eclipses seen in the Spitzer light curves of DQ Her and EX Hya are about three times longer than their optical counterparts, indicating that a reservoir of dust extends beyond the
more » ... xtends beyond the outer edge of the optically visible accretion disk.
doi:10.1063/1.3518853 fatcat:7xy4i6n6d5dfdlyui2fxndovea