Peter Šedík, Michaela Šugrová, Elena Horská, Ľudmila Nagyová
2017 unpublished
Current food market is influenced by many trends in diet including healthy eating habits. The aim of submitted paper was to study consumer behavior and preferences towards private label brand "K-take it veggie" of Kaufland company in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The brand has recently appeared in the market and comprising vegan and vegetarian products. The research was focused on several vegan products such as plant based milks and soy yogurts. The primary data was obtained by questionnaire
more » ... ed by questionnaire survey conducted on the sample of 816 respondents. For deeper examination, 13 hypotheses were statistically tested by Chi-Square Test of Independence and Cramer´s V coefficient. Based on the results, the step of Kaufland to launch this brand is perceived in positive way in both countries, nevertheless both Slovak and Czech respondents pointed out insufficient brand promotion. In both countries, the major source of information about this brand is provided by leaflets and references. Furthermore, research measured respondents' satisfactions with plant-based milks and soy yogurts and it can be concluded that the most respondents are satisfied with price range and packaging design in both countries. Regarding the plant-based milk preferences, respondents from both countries prefer almond and soy milks. The least preferred is oat milk. In addition, the part of consumer research statistically tested several dependencies. For Slovakia, five dependencies were confirmed involving plant based milk preferences and two demographic factor: place of living and age; purchase frequency of "K-take it veggie" products and two demographic factors-income and share of vegan food in diet and finally soy yogurts preferences and age. For the Czech Republic, depedencies were confirmed between plant based milk preferences and gender and between purchase frequency of "K-take it veggie" products and income.