1884 Mind  
A paper on " Sleep-Walking" (46 pp.), read lately at a meeting of the Metropolitan Branch of the British Metlical Association, is here followed by a report (10 pp.) of a " Case of Spontaneous and Induced Sleep-Walking," by another paper, read to the Medico-Psychological Association, on "The Mental Condition in Hypnotism (Artificial Somnambulism)" (44 pp.), and by a detailed description (pp. 15) of experiments with Baird's method of hypnotising which the author eaw M. Charcot carry out at the
more » ... carry out at the Salpetriere in 1878. His interest in artificial somnambulism as a psychological study has extended over many years ; as far back as 1866 he drew attention to the important bearing of the phenomena comprised under " Braidism " upon mental affections, at a time when as yet the experiments of Braid had got little notice from medical men. At the end of the first paper is printed (pp. 47-60) a list of questions for the use of those who would help in elucidating the phenomena of Sleep-Walking.
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