Effects of Engineering and Geology Factors on Oil-Water Flow Regularity in Sandstone Reservoir with Bottom Water Drive

Mingkun Zhai, Gaoming Yu, Yizhong Zhang, Chenchen Wang
2018 Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas  
The aim of this paper is to solve the problems such as complex morphology of water cone and ridge, as well as out-of-control flooding resulting from the abundant natural energy, formation heterogeneity and irregular inter-bed distribution. In this paper, the numerical simulation technique combined with the orthogonal experimental design method is applied to study the factors of engineering and geology that affect the oil-water flow regularity on Tahe sandstone reservoir with bottom water, such
more » ... bottom water, such as reservoir permeability, liquid production rate, interlayered property and scale and location, liquid production rate, length of horizontal well etc. Results show that reservoir permeability, inter-layer and liquid production rate are key factors that influence the performance of coning and ridging water; the optimal lengths of horizontal wells change with different permeability formation. Besides, inter-layer physical properties also play an important role in the vertical well location. This study could provide theoretical and technical guidance for the early well spacing, the technical strategy of development as well as measures for water control and stability in sandstone reservoir with bottom water.
doi:10.4236/ojogas.2018.34021 fatcat:36d4w4dqlzf37bqwfd5qqmw3uu