A Secure and Efficient Image Encryption Algorithm Based on DNA Coding and Spatiotemporal Chaos

Xiaodong Li, Cailan Zhou, Ning Xu
2018 International Journal of Network Security  
In this paper, an image encryption algorithm based on DNA random coding and random operation combined with chaotic map is proposed. In order to produce sequences with more chaotic characteristics, a new spatiotemporal chaotic system is proposed by employing the Tent-Sine system (TSS) in the coupled map lattice (CML). SHA-256 hash of the plain image is used to generate secret keys. The Lorenz Map, Logistic Map and TSS are applied to generate all parameters the proposed algorithm needs. In order
more » ... o get the high randomness and overcome the limitations of DNA computing rules, encode the every rows of original image and key image with DNA rules respectively, which are randomly selected from eight encoding rules. Then, apply encoded original image to execute DNA operations with encoded key image row by row to obtain the transitional image and the one of the four DNA operations of every row is determined by logistic map; Finally, randomly decode the transitional image to gain the eventual encrypted image. experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm have ability to resist typical attacks.
dblp:journals/ijnsec/LiZX18 fatcat:2y3pbievbja6vkviswuk4tbsre