Tourists' Perception on the Image of Kanjiza as a Tourist Destination

Nataša Mitrović
The tourism of Kanjiza is commonly based on its health and spa offer, while sport, recreation and events may be added as supplementary. Considering that in the year of 2005 tourism became one of the priorities in the Development Strategy of Kanjiza Municipality, a more intense promotion of its tourist potentials has been conducted on the tourism market. The objective of this paper is to perceive, using the method of opinion poll, the effects of promotional activities on tourists, in order to
more » ... lize what kind of image among its visitors Kanjiza has as a tourist destination. To begin a research of this kind, first of all, the term of the image of tourist destination is needs to be perceived, along with the theoretical and methodological framework of the usage of the opinion poll, as a specific instrument of the market research. It is also important to define the advantages and disadvantages of the different type of questions, which are usually a part of the opinion poll. The research of this kind belongs to the field of marketing research and it is important from the angle of reviewing the previous results and making conclusions in order to improve marketing activities to reach a better position on the market of tourism and keep it. The structure of the respondents varies by gender and age group, while domestic tourists dominate among them. The major findings of the research are related to the data analysis obtained from the respondents, are the basic view of the image of Kanjiza as a tourist destination, and recommendation were given about further marketing activities. The seeking answers are about the questions of ideas associatiated with Kanjiza, sources of information, purposes of visiting, rating of the elements of the promotional activities which have impact on the quality of the whole tourist destination, the accuracy and truthfulness of promotional activities and suggestions for the improvement of the promotional activities. The "Spa of Kanjiza" is most frequently associated with Kanjiza and the most common purpose of visiting this town, although other amenities are also related to Kanjiza as a tourist destination. One of the results of this research which indicates that informing about Kanjiza via the Internet is significant, emphasizes that the subjects of the local tourism industry (the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation "Banja Kanjiza", private hotels and private accommodation owners, the local tourist organization, even the local government) need to approach the development of the so-called e-marketing seriously, which includes advertising, interaction with potential tourists and distribution of the products via the Internet. The quality of the tourist products and the whole tourist destination is one of the conditions of the long-term success on the tourism market, where instead of low prices, value for money has become the main request of the subjects of the travel demand. The image of the tourist destination is being formed not only during the stay, but also upon the information obtained in the tourists' hometown and the memories about the destination after their holiday. Particular elements of the promotion could be directly related to the quality of the tourist destination and rated, using scales, by which the visitors can express their satisfaction with them. Some of the important characteristics are the accuracy and truthfulness of the data used for promotion, as well. This research revealed positive results related to this matter. One of the most important advantages of the open-ended questions in opinion polls is that they do not suggest any answers to respondents; therefore the researchers could reveal unexpected details about their opinion and points of view. The respondents could give their recommendation about the useful characteristics of the tourism offer in Kanjiza, which could be used in the promotional activities: the politeness and the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness and the arrangement of the environment, Hungarian folklore and cuisine, famous persons, etc... These suggestions are important in case that these characteristics used for promotion, which are interesting to the guests in Kanjiza, might attract potential tourists with the same or similar preferences.
doi:10.32725/det.2011.019 fatcat:32aeg6w55zhbriqdsh3a7eaxci