Generation of different fates from multipotent muscle stem cells

Michiko R Wada, Masayo Inagawa-Ogashiwa, Shirabe Shimizu, Shigeru Yasumoto, Naohiro Hashimoto
2002 Development  
Although neuronal and mesenchymal stem cells exhibit multipotentiality, this property has not previously been demonstrated for muscle stem cells. We now show that muscle satellite cells of adult mice are able to differentiate into osteoblasts, adipocytes and myotubes. Undifferentiated muscle progenitor cells derived from a single satellite cell co-expressed multiple determination genes including those for MyoD and Runx2, which are specific for myogenic and osteogenic differentiation,
more » ... tiation, respectively. Determination genes not relevant to the induced differentiation pathway were specifically downregulated in these cells. Similar multipotent progenitor cells were isolated from adult human muscle. Based on these observations, we propose a 'stock options' model for the generation of different fates from multipotent stem cells.
pmid:12050145 fatcat:p5u7rmqpozhrhce7tt6efpiela