Uncertainty analysis for ac-dc difference measurements with the AC Josephson Voltage Standard

Jason M Underwood
2018 Metrologia  
A detailed analysis of the uncertainties obtained in ac-dc difference measurements with an AC Josephson Voltage Standard (ACJVS) is presented. For audio frequencies and for voltages less than 200 mV, ac-dc transfers with the ACJVS may reduce the combined uncertainty by factors of 2 to 10, compared with conventional methods based on thermal converters. Type A uncertainties are predominantly limited by the thermal transfer standard (TTS), or the digital voltmeter used to acquire the output
more » ... from the TTS. In agreement with earlier work, the transmission line is the primary contributor to Type B errors for frequencies above 10 kHz. A Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis is used to demonstrate how the uncertainties of transmission line impedance and on-chip inductance impact the accuracy of the rms amplitude conveyed to the TTS.
pmid:32863435 pmcid:PMC7450763 fatcat:fcq2tge7lja7lp3hb5af6if24y