Vectors for the Expression of Tagged Proteins in Drosophila

Louise Parker, Sascha Gross, Luke Alphey
2001 BioTechniques  
Regulated expression systems have been extremely useful in developmental studies, allowing the expression of specific proteins in defined spatial and temporal patterns. If these proteins are fused to an appropriate molecular tag, then they can be purified or visualized without the need to raise specific antibodies. If the tag is inherently fluorescent, then the proteins can even be visualized directly, in living tissue. We have constructed a series of P element-based transformation vectors for
more » ... mation vectors for the most widely used expression system in Drosophila , GAL4/UAS. These vectors provide a series of useful tags for antibody detection, protein purification, and/or direct visualization, together with a convenient multiple cloning site into which the cDNA of interest can be inserted. We are very grateful to Rachel Craven, Iain Hagan, and Andrea Brand for plasmids.
doi:10.2144/01316st01 pmid:11768656 fatcat:wrofafiubjbzvi4vfohsa6eiae