The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, December 9, 1930] [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My
>«,vcnlicH, ..1 the \Ve.t Co.,i which were tcud upon indlhc's.iii* KLLim ffUlm __ which bero in pro«rc»» in Nanaimu tince Fri-^ oi bit week, cumpicted its bbori eremn* with the election oi the L'ebebt, < t made a liie membr o< the Auociaiion. Preiident-Mr. Waher Cur|y, oi Salt Spnn« l»bnec. 9.-Satlord, » big f>orough adjoining,Manchester, which m everything exdept name and admiowtrative purposes is really part of this oty, fa.i resolved tp suspend aU capi tal expenditnre fpr twelve months. The
more » ... twelve months. The tfferi is that all development and un employment reUef schemes hare been suspended or aUndoned. Salford's lo cal taxes amount to 17 shillings in the pound sterling, and it is asserted an increase of three shilling..will be ne cessary to carry out present programs.
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