Juan M. Germán-Acacio, Chrystian Rivas Arzate, Zeus Cardenas-Valencia, Marcos Flores-Alamo, David Morales-Morales
2016 IUCrData  
In the title compound, [ZnBr3(C4H12N5)], the ZnIIcation is tetrahedrally coordinated by three bromide ions and the (N-{amino[(diaminomethylene)amino]methylene}-N-methylmethanaminium) cation that binds through the central N atom. The complex is of interest as a potential antidiabetic drug of the biguanide family. The crystal structure is stabilized by an extensive series of N—H...Br and C—H...Br hydrogen bonds, which combine to form a three-dimensional structure.
doi:10.1107/s2414314616008555 fatcat:fl6fjpmsg5a7dkwk7niztoxpnm