Prospects for Searching Thermal Effects, Non-Newtonian Gravity and Axion-Like Particles: Cannex Test of the Quantum Vacuum

Galina Klimchitskaya, Vladimir Mostepanenko, René Sedmik, Hartmut Abele
2019 Symmetry  
We consider the Cannex (Casimir And Non-Newtonian force EXperiment) test of the quantum vacuum intended for measuring the gradient of the Casimir pressure between two flat parallel plates at large separations and constraining parameters of the chameleon model of dark energy in cosmology. A modification of the measurement scheme is proposed that allows simultaneous measurements of both the Casimir pressure and its gradient in one experiment. It is shown that with several improvements the Cannex
more » ... vements the Cannex test will be capable to strengthen the constraints on the parameters of the Yukawa-type interaction by up to an order of magnitude over a wide interaction range. The constraints on the coupling constants between nucleons and axion-like particles, which are considered as the most probable constituents of dark matter, could also be strengthened over a region of axion masses from 1 to 100 meV.
doi:10.3390/sym11030407 fatcat:7hai4cpefvcupolxe54pkwb6p4