ORIGINAL ARTICLES Correlation between grain yield and its components in some Syrian barley

Mamoun Khaiti, Mamoun Khaiti
2012 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
Five local barley genotypes grown in Damascus, Syria during the winter season of 2005/2006 were evaluated for variability parameters and correlations for five metric traits i.e., plant height, leaf area, number of productive tillers/plant, number of seeds and grain yield/plant. Significant genotypic differences were observed for all the traits studied indicating considerable amount of variation among genotypes for each character. All the traits showed significant reduction under LMS. Grain
more » ... der LMS. Grain yield/plant showed highly significant positive correlation with number of tillers and number of seeds/plant. Study on the genetic behaviour of some local varieties under contrasting moisture regimes will provide a scientific basis for the utilization of these materials for efficient crop improvement.