David J. Schuster, Steve Kalb, Aaron Shurtleff
2009 Arthropod Management Tests  
Beet armyworm (BAW): Spodoptera exigua (Hübner) Southern armyworm (SAW): Spodoptera eridania (Cramer) Leafminer: Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) The report summarizes ongoing research to screen new materials for control of Spodoptera and Liriomyza larvae. Experiments were conducted at the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, FL. Transplants were set 22 Mar, 18 inches apart within the row on 8-inch-high and 32-inch-wide beds of Myakka fine sand covered with
more » ... e polyethylene mulch. Each plot consisted of a single 21-ft long row with rows spaced 5 ft apart across the beds and 7 ft down the beds. Treatments were replicated four times in a RCB design. Treatments were applied with a 2.5 gal, hand-held CO 2 -powered sprayer fitted with a D-5 disk and #45 core on 10, 18 May, and 5 Jun. On 22 and 29 May, 10 plants in the middle of each plot were shook and the numbers of dislodged armyworm larvae and predators were counted. Armyworm larvae were categorized as small (<0.5 inch in length) or large (>0.5 inch long). The number of Liriomyza trifolii leafmines >0.5 inch long were counted in selected plots on 6 Jun during a 1 min search of each plot by two individuals, and the numbers were totaled for analysis. Fruit were harvested on 30 May and 13 Jun and the number and weight of undamaged fruit and the number of fruit damaged by armyworm larvae were counted. Data were analyzed with analyses of variance and mean separation used the LSD.
doi:10.4182/amt.2009.e74 fatcat:tpo5zkf275h37gwnxxwh3vzdom