Dependence of switching coefficient on damping constant of thin-film magnetic recording media

Masukazu Igarashi, Kazuetsu Yoshida, Yutaka Sugita
2000 Journal of Applied Physics  
Gilbert damping plays a significant role in magnetic reversal processes, and it determines the timescale of the switching. Here we investigate the properties of exchange-coupled composite media and the dependence of the switching time on the damping constant of the soft layer using atomistic spin dynamics. For a bilayer Fe/FePt medium, we find an anomalous increase of the switching time with increasing soft layer damping constant. The reversal occurs via a high-temperature exchange spring, and
more » ... change spring, and we show that the increase in the switching time is related to a corresponding increase in the time to establish the exchange spring. This phenomenon is delicately balanced in that the switching time increase occurs only in fields close to the coercivity.
doi:10.1063/1.372485 fatcat:lepixog7qncoxircicwf6agaou