Performance Investigation of Modified Turning Tool Holder for MQL Application

Erween Abdul Rahim, Z.H. Samsudin, Muhammad Arif Abdul Rahim, Zazuli Mohid
2013 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
Some machining process requires coolant to reduce the cutting temperature and helps to flush away the chips from the cutting zone. However, conventional flood coolant possesses some issues towards workers and the environment, regarding health and waste management. The implementation of Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) as an alternative technique seems to be promising although the effectiveness of this technique were influenced by several factor. In turning process for instance, the distance
more » ... nozzle to the cutting zone contributes to the variation of machining performance. This study is to compare the effect on cutting performance between two internal MQL nozzle designs. The cutting tool holder were modified to have two internal MQL oil channel. The oil channel design were tested and the performance was evaluated in terms of cutting speed and cutting temperature for different cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut. The result shows that the single channel performs better in terms of cutting force while dual channel significantly improve the cutting temperature.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:g7fjoeb5knh4zfd75jen63oeie