Spectro-Temporal Evolution and Transient Resonator in Solid-State Cr 3+: LiSAF Laser Emissions

Nguyen Van Hao, Nguyen Dinh Hoang, Phung Viet Tiep, Nguyen Dai Hung
2010 Computational Methods in Science and Technology  
The Cr 3+ : LiSAF crystal is widely used as a laser medium of a wide gain spectrum from 700 nm to 920 nm. Our numerical investigations demonstrate a spectro-temporal evolution in the broadband Cr 3+ : LiSAF laser emission from Fabry-Perot resonator and particularly, from a low -Q resonator. Furthermore, the resonator transient and the phenomenon of relaxation oscillations in the solidstate Cr 3+ : LiSAF laser have been studied. Interestingly, using a diode-pump pulse of 100 μs at 670 nm, a
more » ... e generation of single nanosecond Cr 3+ : LiSAF laser pulse at 850 nm is obtainable by simple choices of resonator parameters such as photon-cavity time and pump level. A pulse compression factor of 1 000 is achievable. As a result, a simple technique of short laser pulse generation at a high repetition rate of diode pumping pulses has been proposed.
doi:10.12921/cmst.2010.si.02.21-25 fatcat:zul3lmw2kveybpn3trwyqlgfxa