Kaon content of three-prong decays of the tau lepton [report]

J.J. Eastman
1990 unpublished
We present a series of measurements involving the production of charged kaons in three-prong hadronic decays of the r lepton. The data sample was obtained with the TPC/Two-Gamma detector facility at PEP. We set a limit on the branching fraction BR(r---, v_K-K°) < 0.26% at the 95% confidence level. The process r-_ v,K-K°is related via SU(3) to the second-class current decay rvflr-r/. We also present new measurements of the three-prong branching fractions BR(r-_ v,K-Tr+_r "" + neutrals) 0.70
more » ... _ = -o.lz7o and BR('r'----, v_.K-K+Tr + neutrals) = 0.16 +o.lO_o.ov%.
doi:10.2172/6030650 fatcat:wotvjb3zyzfbzpe2e4xhfalzae