Abstracts Presented at the Twenty-Sixth Annual International Neuropsychological Society Conference. February 4-7, 1998. Honolulu, Hawaii

1998 Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society  
We investigated the impact of cholinergic drugs on the ability of Alzheimer patients to benefit from spatial localization information in feature and conjunction visual search. Four rectangles were used as valid precues that varied in spatial precision from the area of the target to the area of the entire stimulus array. Eleven patients and 11 elderly controls completed visual search after intravenous scopolamine and at no-drug baseline; patients received intravenous physostigmine. Scopolamine
more » ... gnificantly increased reaction time and decreased response accuracy, and physostigmine speeded patient response. Scopolamine broadened visuospatial attention in patients as cholinergic blockade slowed patient reaction time at the most precise precue to a greater degree than among controls, whereas cholinesterase inhibition did not narrow spatial attention.
doi:10.1017/s1355617798000010 fatcat:nwx22nwabzcc5lggym7t6prxoy