"Peace" - a basic issue in the Christian dialogue with Asian religions

Horst Bürkle
2013 Poznańskie Studia Teologiczne  
Peace a basic issue in the Christian dialogue with Asian religions Preface Search for peace is a major concern of man. It finds its expressions in the religions of mankind. The answers which the religions give to this basic human desire differ. Especially in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism «peace» is understood as the overcoming of the painful experiences and sufferings of this life. If the term "peace" is used to-day in modern interpretations of Asian religions' it is already the result
more » ... lready the result of an interreligious dialogue with western especially with Christian terminology. "Peace" is understood as a present day and an actual desire of mankind in a world of conflicts and tensions. The messages of Hindu-and Buddhist religious answers go deeper. They aim to the roots of unrest in human life. In this respect they share with the Christian answer the outlook for peace which points beyond the present life. "Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee". This confession of St. Augustine is a basic human concern. But the specific Christian answer is found in the second part of this confession of St. Augustine: "[...] until its finds its rest in Thee." Here we have both: The common human concern of all men: unrest and search for peace -for overcoming all what determines our life and makes it a peaceless experience of pain and suffering. The second part of Augustine's confession is the Christian orientation: " [...] until it finds its rest in Thee". This is the respond to our trust in Christ -the savior from our unrest: He is our peace. Both parts of St. Augustine's confessions show to us the basic relation to men of other religions and what is still the difference between their concerns and our Christian faith: Our solidarity with men in their own religions and at the time it shows what we do not have in common with them. When we enter now into our short dialog on "Peace" with people in other religions we shall keep (this) in mind: Our human condition unites us with all men. The ways of overcoming this situation of mankind differ. The view in all religions goes beyond this life-time. It aims toward something whose reality is a new one. And this new reality has great influence for this limited and conditioned life. We keep in mind: If we use the term "Peace" for this new reality then we S³owa kluczowe pokój, religia, dialog, chrzecijañstwo, Azja
doi:10.14746/pst.2013.27.6 fatcat:kqi4vxjty5emnh724k7hupcpgu