Selected aspects of child nutrition and the risk of obesity

Katarzyna Anna Majewska, Magdalena Kobylińska, Agata Krasińska, Paulina Wais, Andrzej Kędzia
2020 Pielęgniarstwo XXI Wieku  
AbstractIntroduction. Food is the basic source of energy for humans. Properly matched for the age and needs of the body, a balanced diet is a condition for proper growth and development during childhood. The aim of the study is to review the current state of knowledge regarding the impact of the nutrition model, diet composition and behavioral aspects related to food intake on the occurrence of obesity in children and adolescents.Conclusions. Too much energy charge in food, disturbing the
more » ... e between energy supply and expenditure, is a common cause of childhood obesity. The rate of weight gain in children is also aff ected by other factors, such as the model of feeding during infancy, eating habits in the early years of life, and a number of behavioral aspects related to food intake.Taste preferences and eating habits are formed in a child from the first years of life and are often continued during adulthood, therefore, an essential element of obesity prevention must cover the extensive early education involving parents, caregivers and the children themselves.
doi:10.2478/pielxxiw-2020-0027 fatcat:ayp5kej2ozd3hgsejrjko3yz3i