Anisotropic geodesic distance computation for parametric surfaces

Joon-Kyung Seong, Won-Ki Jeong, Elaine Cohen
2008 2008 IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications  
The distribution of geometric features is anisotropic by its nature. Intrinsic properties of surfaces such as normal curvatures, for example, varies with direction. In this paper this characteristic of a shape is used to create a new anisotropic geodesic (AG) distance map on parametric surfaces. We first define local distance (LD) from a point as a function of both the surface point and a unit direction in its tangent plane and then define a total distance as an integral of that local distance.
more » ... The AG distance between points on the surface is then defined as their minimum total distance. The path between the points that attains the minimum is called the anisotropic geodesic path. This differs from the usual geodesic in ways that enable it to better reveal geometric features. Minimizing total distances to attain AG distance is performed by associating the LD function with the tensor speed function that controls wave propagation of the convex Hamilton-Jacobi (H-J) equation solver. We present two different, but related metrics for the local distance function, a curvature tensor and a difference curvature tensor. Each creates a different AG distance. Some properties of both new AG distance maps are presented, including parametrization invariance. We then demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed geodesic map as a shape discriminator in several applications, including surface segmentation and partial shape matching.
doi:10.1109/smi.2008.4547968 dblp:conf/smi/SeongJC08 fatcat:2nxc5fnnhngdrognlnml6u6tku