Tuning carrier type and density in Bi2Se3 by Ca-doping

Zhiyong Wang, Tao Lin, Peng Wei, Xinfei Liu, Randy Dumas, Kai Liu, Jing Shi
2010 Applied Physics Letters  
The carrier type and density in Bi2Se3 single crystals are systematically tuned by introducing a calcium (Ca) dopant. A carrier density of ~1x1017 cm-3 which corresponds to ~25 meV in the Fermi energy is obtained in both n- and p-type materials. Electrical transport properties show that the insulating behavior is achieved in low carrier density crystals. In addition, both the band gap and reduced effective mass of carriers are determined.
doi:10.1063/1.3473778 fatcat:5jf34x67nzcufa7giwjetobhum