Low Compaction Level Detection of Newly Constructed Asphalt Pavement Based on Regional Index

Jiaming Tang, Zhiyong Huang, Weixiong Li, Huayang Yu
2022 Sensors  
In order to improve the prediction accuracy regarding low compaction level of asphalt pavement, this paper carries out indoor tests to detect the voids and dielectric constants of AC-13, AC-16 and AC-25 asphalt mixtures, obtaining their relationship equations via linear fitting and determining the dielectric constant judgment threshold of low compaction level segregation risk points ε1. Based on the common mid-point method, three-dimensional ground-penetrating radar is used to obtain the
more » ... ric constant of the physical engineering test section. The researcher can draw the distribution map of the low compaction level segregation risk area according to the judgment threshold ε1 of the rough segregation risk points; divide the connected risk areas; determine the regional convex hull; and calculate the regional indicators such as the regional area, the ratio of the convex risk points and the mean value of the regional dielectric constant. The response surface analysis method is used to acquire the model of risk area index and core void ratio. The model is employed to predict and verify the core void ratio in the risk area of the road section and verify the accuracy of the model. The results show that the error range between the predicted voids and the measured voids is −0.4%~+0.4%, and the mean absolute value of the error is 0.25%. Compared with the mean measured voids of 6.63%, the relative error is 3.77%, indicating that the model can accurately predict the regional low compaction level segregation degree.
doi:10.3390/s22207980 fatcat:kvlrwfmbe5gjtffzsmy4t4ztfe