Optical VSB Filtering of 12.5-GHz Spaced 64 × 12.4 Gb/s WDM Channels Using a Pair of Fabry-Perot Filters

Budsuren Batsuren, Hyung Hwan Kim, Chan Yong Eom, Jin Joo Choi, Jae Seung Lee
2013 Journal of the Optical Society of Korea  
We perform an optical vestigial sideband (VSB) filtering using a pair of Fabry-Perot (FP) filters. The transmittance curve of each FP filter is made to have sharp skirts using an offset between input and output coupling fibers. Moreover, the accurate periodicity of FP filters in the optical frequency domain enables the simultaneous VSB filtering of a large number of optical channels. With this VSB filtering technique, we transmit 12.5-GHz spaced 64 × 12.4-Gb/s wavelength-division-multiplexing
more » ... sion-multiplexing channels over a single-mode fiber up to 150 km without any dispersion compensations. When the channel spacing is reduced to 10 GHz, we achieve the spectral efficiency of 1 bit/s/Hz in conventional optical intensity modulation systems up to 125 km.
doi:10.3807/josk.2013.17.1.063 fatcat:txz6c43cxbarxhgx4hquhzam3u