2017 Teknologi pangan : media informasi dan komunikasi ilmiah teknologi pertanian  
This activity aims to empower the PKK group and group farmer Desa Jeruju Besar with the growth of motivation, knowledge, skills, and new skills to produce variants of coconut-based products and generate entrepreneurial spirit to become edukatif human beings in viewing their potential to be used as a variatif, Inofativ and high selling power. Specific targets to be achieved are partnerships have qualified human resources in the process and management systems, a description of the business to be
more » ... one, directional and trained managerial skills and the formation of creative partners. The method used in the achievement of the intended purpose is done in two stages, namely the a) the delivery of information to the local potential owned by Jeruju Besar Village to create a variation of coconut-based product if the model has high selling value and information on the importance of entrepreneurship to improve knowledge, Skills and family earnings theoretically for the purpose of understanding the activity. Stage b) demonstration of the manufacture of variants of coconut-based products include: equipment operation, processing, storage and packaging followed by training techniques on the ability to initiate new business which includes bookkeeping procedures, product marketing techniques and management and introduction of new products created Of the target market.
doi:10.35891/tp.v8i2.646 fatcat:v4ncfanorzgmtgg5ifmp6pjqly