Intelligence Primer [article]

Karl Fezer, Andrew Sloss
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Intelligence is a fundamental part of all living things, as well as the foundation for Artificial Intelligence. In this primer we explore the ideas associated with intelligence and, by doing so, understand the implications and constraints and potentially outline the capabilities of future systems. Artificial Intelligence, in the form of Machine Learning, has already had a significant impact on our lives. As an exploration, we journey into different parts of intelligence that appear essential.
more » ... hope that people find this helpful in determining the future. Also, during the exploration, we hope to create new thought-provoking questions. Intelligence is not a single weighable quantity but a subject that spans Biology, Physics, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Computer Science. The historian Yuval Noah Harari pointed out that engineers and scientists in the future will have to broaden their understandings to include disciplines such as Psychology, Philosophy, and Ethics. Fiction writers have long portrayed engineers and scientists as deficient in these areas. Today, in modern society, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and legal requirements act as forcing functions to push these broader subjects into the foreground. We start with an introduction to intelligence and move quickly to more profound thoughts and ideas. We call this a Life, the Universe, and Everything primer, after the famous science fiction book by Douglas Adams. Forty-two may be the correct answer, but what are the questions?
arXiv:2008.07324v3 fatcat:not5i5utwzfzboi42yctekn7sy