Cross-Antigenicity between EV71 Sub-Genotypes: Implications for Vaccine Efficacy

Pei Liu, Yadi Yuan, Bopei Cui, Yaqian Huo, Lianlian Bian, Lei Chen, Siyuan Liu, Chenfei Wang, Yingzhi Xu, Alison Tedcastle, Fan Gao, Qunying Mao (+2 others)
2021 Viruses  
Enterovirus A-71 (EV71) is a global, highly contagkkious pathogen responsible for severe cases of hand-food-mouth-disease (HFMD). The use of vaccines eliciting cross neutralizing antibodies (NTAbs) against the different circulating EV71 sub-genotypes is important for preventing HFMD outbreaks. Here, we tested the cross-neutralizing activities induced by EV71 genotype/sub-genotype A, B0-B4, C1, C2, C4, and C5 viruses using rats. Differences were noted in the cross-neutralization of the 10
more » ... on of the 10 sub-genotypes tested but there were generally good levels of cross-neutralization except against genotype A virus, against which neutralization antibody titres (NTAb) where the lowest with NTAbs being the highest against sub-genotype B4. Moreover, NTAb responses induced by C4, B4, C1, and C2 viruses were homogenous, with values of maximum/minimum NTAb ratios (MAX/MIN) against all B and C viruses ranging between 4.0 and 6.0, whereas MAX/MIN values against B3 and A viruses were highly variable, 48.0 and 256.0, respectively. We then dissected the cross-neutralizing ability of sera from infants and children and rats immunized with C4 EV71 vaccines. Cross-neutralizing titers against the 10 sub-genotypes were good in both vaccinated infants and children and rats with the MAX/MIN ranging from 1.8–3.4 and 5.1–7.1, respectively, which were similar to those found in naturally infected patients (2.8). Therefore, we conclude that C4 EV71 vaccines can provide global protection to infants and children against HFMD caused by different sub-genotypes.
doi:10.3390/v13050720 pmid:33919184 fatcat:mluzpjdoorf35ceqigbphhvqdy