Magneto-optical properties of Co∕Ge(100) with ultrathin Ag buffer layers

C. W. Su, J. S. Tsay, C. H. Hwang, Y. D. Yao
2005 Journal of Applied Physics  
Magnetic properties of Co films ͑Ͻ2 nm͒ with Ag buffer layers ͑Ͻ0.7 nm͒ grown on Ge͑100͒ at room temperature and 200 K were studied by surface magneto-optical Kerr effect. Without the buffer, the films reveal in-plane magnetic anisotropy even Co and Ge forms nonmagnetic interfacial alloys. The hysteresis due to intercalation of Ag can be detected at thinner Co thicknesses. The buffer can effectively cutoff the intermixing of Co and Ge. As the thickness of Ag is reduced, out-of-plane magnetic
more » ... f-plane magnetic anisotropy due to the interface interactions between Co/ Ag and Co/ Ge was discovered and was only at 200 K.
doi:10.1063/1.1853019 fatcat:44nrgpg3gjecri7e4el4f6xuha