Mutual Authentication of Nodes in WSN using Migrated ECC of Asymmetric Key

2017 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are a promising innovation for a few modern and everyday applications. The advancement of remote sensor systems was spurred for use in reconnaissance in a war zone by military applications. These days WSN systems are utilized as a part of modern industrial applications for monitor and control the process flow, to monitor machine health, in consumer applications and so on. A couple to a few a huge number of junctions are comprised in WSN, where every junction is
more » ... sociated with one or now and again more sensors. There is a need for an approach that prevents unauthorized nodes from using the network to communicate the legitimate nodes or Internet. This will probably reduce most of the security attacks that can be happened. Some systems use Elliptic Curve Cryptography(ECC) for authentication process, because small size of key used for encryption. However, ECC have some disadvantages. The primary problem in ECC is, it significantly makes encrypted message greater in size which makes this mechanism more complex. Furthermore, it is difficult to implement when compared to other public key encryption techniques and also it provides less security alone. To overcome difficulties in ECC, this system introduces Migrated ECC that uses asymmetric key. This system consist of node registration, distribution of authorized node list to all legitimate nodes, and mutual authentication of nodes in different networks, and handover of node from one network to other. From our assumption, it proves that Migrated ECC performs better than ECC in terms of security and efficiency. A WSN is an extraordinary sort of remote correspondence arranges comprising of various quantities of geologically appropriated self-ruling gadgets utilizing sensors to screen physical or natural conditions. This framework contains a passage junction which goes about as a halfway junction that gives remote network back to the wired world and circulated nodes for the purpose of sending WSN data to different types of networks.WSN is utilized as a part of Military and national security applications, Environment checking, and Medical applications. Wireless Sensor Networks used in many applications due to its low cost, tiny size and ease of deployment [1]. In any case, there are a few security difficulties to be overcome to completely understand the favorable circumstances because of ubiquitous nature of WSN. Correspondence being communicated in nature is more inclined to various sort of assaults like eves dropping, capture, infuse and change transmitted information [2]. WSN systems are described by little size, a substantial number, and minimal effort. It is obliged by vitality, computational power, and correspondence data transmission and capacity. Little size suggests little battery, ease and low power CPU, radio with least data transfer capacity and range [3] . Conventional cryptographic calculations utilizing open key are exceedingly asset concentrated to specifically fit into the WSN engineering [4] [5] . Hence ECC has risen as a computationally effective plan for asset imperative sensor equipment stage particularly in IOT and Smart City applications [6][7] [8] . Among all the security primitives, validation is an essential prerequisite, which may likewise cover information trustworthiness, information freshness, and sequencing. Excepting certain cases including military and observation, classification may not be the vital as the verification would be [9] [10] . Elliptic Curve Cryptography is an optional way to deal with people in general key cryptography systems like RSA. Elliptic Curve Cryptography is based on elliptic curve theory using discrete logarithms and it creates smaller but faster cryptographic keys which can be shared among large numbers of users.ECC helps to establish security in lower computing power and battery resource usage; it is becoming widely used for mobile applications. ECC give proficient execution of remote security highlights, for example, secure mailing and web perusing, however, has a few burdens when contrasted and other cryptography procedures.ECC expands the extent of the scrambled message is substantial when contrasted and RSA encryption. Moreover, the ECC calculation is more intricate and hard to actualize than RSA. ECC is a type of open key cryptography, in which one encryption key, names as a private key, is kept the mystery, while another, named as an open key, is uninhibitedly appropriated. Open key cryptography requires more calculation than private key encryption, it ISSN (
doi:10.21817/ijet/2017/v9i6/170906307 fatcat:2p4t5wjzczeghduogibfdvx7wq