Genome-wide analysis of organ-preferential metastasis of human small cell lung cancer in mice

Soji Kakiuchi, Yataro Daigo, Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, Seiji Yano, Saburo Sone, Yusuke Nakamura
2003 Molecular Cancer Research  
Although a number of molecules have been implicated in the process of cancer metastasis, the organ-selective nature of cancer cells is still poorly understood. To investigate this issue, we established a metastasis model in mice with multiple organ dissemination by i.v. injection of human small cell lung cancer (SBC-5) cells. We analyzed gene-expression profiles of 25 metastatic lesions from four organs (lung, liver, kidney, and bone) using a cDNA microarray representing 23,040 genes and
more » ... ed 435 genes that seemed to reflect the organ specificity of the metastatic cells and the cross-talk between cancer cells and microenvironment. Furthermore, we discovered 105 genes that might be involved in the incipient stage of secondary-tumor formation by comparing the gene-expression profiles of metastatic lesions classified according to size (<1 or >2 mm) as either "micrometastases" or "macrometastases." This genome-wide analysis should contribute to a greater understanding of molecular aspects of the metastatic process in different microenvironments, and provide indicators for new strategies to predict and prevent metastasis.
pmid:12754296 fatcat:kx42trtuanbgtf76drkpvahmma