Ground-states for the liquid drop and TFDW models with long-range attraction

Stan Alama, Lia Bronsard, Rustum Choksi, Ihsan Topaloglu
2017 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We prove that both the liquid drop model in R^3 with an attractive background nucleus and the Thomas-Fermi-Dirac-von Weizsäcker (TFDW) model attain their ground-states for all masses as long as the external potential V(x) in these models is of long range, that is, it decays slower than Newtonian (e.g., V(x)≫ |x|^-1 for large |x|.) For the TFDW model we adapt classical concentration-compactness arguments by Lions, whereas for the liquid drop model with background attraction we utilize a recent
more » ... mpactness result for sets of finite perimeter by Frank and Lieb.
doi:10.1063/1.4999495 fatcat:rvjhw3ubijantpcbgfrgq2mln4