Experimental Data on Epoxy Resin Samples: Small Partial Discharges at Inception Voltage and Some Thoughts on the Possibility of the Existence of Charging Phenomena Below Inception Voltage

Michael Danikas, Xu Zhao, Yong-hong Cheng
2011 Journal of Electrical Engineering  
In this paper, some results are presented on experiments concerning partial discharges (PD) behavior of epoxy resin samples. The main idea is to see whether a sample with PD at its inception voltage, still presents some tendency to charging effects below inception. An effort is being made to relate the present work with previous publications on the same main idea. The experiment arrangement is three layers of epoxy resin with a void in middle layer. Different level voltages under inception
more » ... ge are applied to the arrangement and different PD waves are registered under different level voltages. To make sure that the tendency to charging effects below inception, infrared spectrum analysis is also conducted and the result is content to clarify our objective. K e y w o r d s: partial discharges, below inception voltage, epoxy resin 2 EXPERIMENTAL ARRANGEMENT
doi:10.2478/v10187-011-0046-7 fatcat:etbxdkxsbnfjbo36vf3lkomyem