Quorum Sensing: It's About Time

Frank Portugal
2013 SOJ Microbiology & Infectious Diseases  
Editorial Quorum sensing is a form of cell-to-cell communication by which bacteria communicate by secreting signaling molecules called autoinducers that help regulate gene expression. Quorum sensing was first detected in Photobacterium fischeri [1] . A specific acylated homoserine lactone was found to regulate transcription of the luciferase operon resulting in light emission [2] . A related organism, Vibrio harveyi, uses another signaling molecule in addition to an acylated homoserine lactone
more » ... homoserine lactone [3] . This molecule, termed Autoinducer-2 (or AI-2), is a furanosyl borate dieter [4] . AI-2 is also produced and used by a several Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria.
doi:10.15226/sojmid.2013.00103 fatcat:ojov446zwfertmnevxsgkehfai