Multipartite Ranking-Selection of Low-Dimensional Instances by Supervised Projection to High-Dimensional Space [article]

Arash Shahriari
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Pruning of redundant or irrelevant instances of data is a key to every successful solution for pattern recognition. In this paper, we present a novel ranking-selection framework for low-length but highly correlated instances. Instead of working in the low-dimensional instance space, we learn a supervised projection to high-dimensional space spanned by the number of classes in the dataset under study. Imposing higher distinctions via exposing the notion of labels to the instances, lets to deploy
more » ... one versus all ranking for each individual classes and selecting quality instances via adaptive thresholding of the overall scores. To prove the efficiency of our paradigm, we employ it for the purpose of texture understanding which is a hard recognition challenge due to high similarity of texture pixels and low dimensionality of their color features. Our experiments show considerable improvements in recognition performance over other local descriptors on several publicly available datasets.
arXiv:1606.07575v1 fatcat:6azku5labzet5gpfvc55u3h334