Sitar-Tăut Adela-Viviana, D Zdrenghea, Dana Pop
Cardiovascular diseases represent the first mortality cause, in both sexes, but the most studies have been focused on the presence of cardiovascular pathology in men, women being "ignored" (especially those ones over 65 years old). The purpose of the present study is to determine the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in women from Zorilor neighborhood, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Keywords: cardiovascular disease, women Rezumat: Bolile cardiovasculare reprezintă prima cauză de mortalitate la
more » ... ortalitate la ambele sexe. Cu toate acestea, majoritatea studiilor s-au focalizat pe prezenţa patologiei cardiovasculare la sexul masculin, femeile fiind "ignorate" , în special cele peste 65 de ani. Studiul de faţă şi-a propus determinarea prevalenţei bolilor cardiovasculare la femeile de această etate, din Cartierul Zorilor, Cluj-Napoca, România. Cuvinte cheie: boli cardiovasculare, femei INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular diseases represent the first mortality cause in women (1,2,3,4,5), killing more women than men.(1) There are studies with opposite results regarding the annual cardiovascular mortality rates registered in women. Thereby, Wenger (4) sustains the idea that a reduction in cardiovascular mortality (due to progresses made in cardiovascular diseases' therapy, but not in reducing incidence of cardiovascular disease) had been notices. In opposite, others sustained the idea that, starting with '80, even if cardiac mortality had progressively decreased in male (with 30%-50%), in women it had progressively increased.(6,7,9). Regarding the ischemic heart disease mortality and morbidity, both of them had decreased in both sexes, but much faster in men.(10) If coronary heart disease incidence is substantially lower in women before the age of 50, after this age, the increases reached to the same level as the one registered in men.(11) Thereby, Stramba-Badiale-in a European consent published by European Society of Cardiology, based on a World Health Organization (WHO) report from 2008-showed that the most important mortality causes in women are represented by ischemic heart disease-23%, stroke-18%, and other cardiovascular diseases-15%.(3) In the same time, the data published in