In vitro selection of deoxyribozymes with DNA capping activity

Y. Li, Y. Liu, R. R. Breaker
1999 Nucleic Acids Symposium Series  
In vitro selection was used to isolate a series of deoxyribozymes from a pool of random-sequence DNAs that catalyze an ATP-dependent self-capping reaction. Each deoxyribozyme catalyzes the transfer of the nucleoside and a-phosphate moieties of ATP to the phosphate group located at its 5' terminus, thereby creating a 5\5'-pyrophosphate cap. This same pyrophosphate cap structure is formed by T4 DNA ligase during the classical process of DNA ligation. These DNA capping enzymes representative of a
more » ... ollection of self-processing deoxyribozymes that can be used for the directed modification of DNA.
doi:10.1093/nass/42.1.237 fatcat:47ldcxih65htthxbangiybmi6m