Ammattimaisten luottamushenkilöiden johtajuuden ulottuvuudet kuntien hallintosäännöissä

Henna Paananen, Anni Jäntti, Santeri Lajunen, Anni Kyösti, Arto Haveri
2022 Hallinnon Tutkimus  
Dimensions of leadership of professionalized local politicians in Finnish municipalities' administrative regulation documents In recent years, Finnish municipalities have had a new political leader institution, professionalized local politicians. There is part- and fulltime working municipal council and municipal board chairpersons, paid chairpersons in municipal committees, mayors, and vice-mayors. In this article we study abductively municipal administrative regulation documents, by asking
more » ... t kind of political leadership is being constructed within tasks and duties addressed for professionalized politicians. Research data consist of administrative regulation documents of all municipalities that have introduced part- and fulltime working elected politicians (N23). Results of abductive qualitative content analysis indicate that exclusivity seem to be highlighted to the detriment of extensiveness; collective leadership appear minor and scattered. Executive leadership is being greatly emphasized in exercising executive political leadership and leading political processes, and due to the adapting administrative tasks. Collaborative leadership is supported mainly with mayoral models.
doi:10.37450/ht.111600 fatcat:a5nyrtm6v5dhdbn3owqdfjaywe