William Trelease
1908 School Science and Mathematics  
an; Englishman who amassed a fortune in St. Lout's and has left it in an endowed establishment that will constitute his enduring monument, conceived and put into shape a beautiful flower garden in 1849; this he lived to enjoy and share with the public for forty years. Meantime, through the counsels of Engelmann, Hooker and Gray, he broadened his plans so as to provide for its perpetuation for public use and benefit on a much larger scale than he had at first contemplated. PURPOSES. These plans,
more » ... POSES. These plans, as outlined for the trustees to whose administration his property is left, comprise the instructive and attractive demonstration of plants in large variety, the training of botanists and gardeners, and addition to knowledge about plants, by investigations.
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1908.tb01098.x fatcat:peqp3siupzdrjc6n7jvpaabbh4