Design and Performance Test of a Magnetic Rate Controlled Stage Damper

Guo-Jun Yu, Shao-Jie Zhu, Cheng-Bin Du, Ling-Yun Wang, Jun-Chi Huang
2021 Frontiers in Materials  
In order to control the vibration of civil building structures, a magnetic rate-controlled stage damper (MRCSD) is designed based on a magnetorheological shear thickening fluid (MR-STF). The key technology and performance test of the damper and the parameter identification of the mechanical model are studied. The experimental results show that the main cylinder filled with MR-STF combines the magnetorheological (MR) effect and the shear thickening effect, which has a strong impact on energy
more » ... ipation and vibration reduction. Therefore, the designed damper is superior to the traditional viscous damper. With the increase of magnetic field strength, the shear thickening effect of the MR fluid is inhibited and the MR effect is more obvious. The MRCSD can improve the performance of vibration isolation and vibration reduction by controlling damping. Under a different intensity of earthquake, the maximum output can reach 250.2 kN; the mechanical model of the MRCSD is established; and the design parameters of the damper are determined. The theoretical results obtained from the mechanical model of the MRCSD are consistent with the experimental results, which show that the parameter identification method is feasible and effective.
doi:10.3389/fmats.2021.640316 fatcat:nzmmuilr3vfxtet3zgvggh53bm